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This site is dedicated to the history of Hemlock New York, Wemett family genealogy and history, as well as history of surrounding areas. There are also links to historical documents and other nationally relevant documents upon which our nation has been built.

Hemlock History
Take a trip back in time. Read the history of the Hemlock Lake area from a writing published in 1883. You might be surprised at what this little town had to offer over 100 years ago.

Wemett Genealogy
This is the official website of Les Descendants de Jean Ouimet, Inc. If your last name is Houymet, Houmier, Houymier, Ouimet, Ouilmette, Ouimeth, Oumet, Vilmet, Vilmette, Vuillemet, Vuilmet, Vuimet, Wemet, Wemett, Wemot, Wimet, Wimette, Wilmet, Wilmette, Wilmeth, Wilmot, Wuimet, Wuilmet, Wuillemet, Wuillemette, Wilmarth, or Bastien, we suspect that you are cousins.

Surrounding Area Web Sites

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  1. Herb Jones Photography
  2. Seaweed Mat Systems


  1. Conesus Lake Rentals


  1. Alpine Manor
  2. The Annabelle Lee
  3. Chances and Changes Inc. Domestic Violence Program
  4. Deer Run Winery
  5. Special Tees


  1. 1812 Country Store
  2. Ledco Inc.


  1. Physical Therapy Professionals


  1. Annie's Ark Christian Childcare
  2. Ember Wood Fire Grill
  3. Lisa Marie's Hair Salon
  4. Livonia Central School
  5. Livonia Fire Department
  6. Livonia Music Supply
  7. Livonia Public Library
  8. Livonia Republican Committee


  1. Letchworth State Park


History of Surrounding Areas

Livingston County Sites

Historical Links

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